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Selected Literary Erotica


Besides our own Erotica, and some erotic/sex blogs, we like:

Jane's Guide - The best erotic site reviews on the planet.

SoloTouch - Ok, we do what we call "literary smut" but sometimes people's raw outpourings about wanking, as in "Mystery Man Watching Me While I Play One Horny Afternoon" are erection provolking, too.

Literotica - Lotsa stories, plus free pics and no pop-ups. Nice.

Cliterati - "As women, we didn't think there as enough masturbation material available for women online." A labor of love.

Clean Sheets - exotica, erotica, and artistic nudes.

Slip Tongue - sexy writing, great illustration, and humor.

Nude Photography - Erotic and Tasty

I don't know about you, but some of the sites on the net advertising "Erotic Pictures" are so loaded with pop-up windows and bad site design, not to mention models so badly photographed you wish you hadn't plunked down the big bucks for raunchy crap you coulda seen for free in the newsgroups. One of the few sites I'd recommend for incredibly beautiful models photographed to emphasize their charms perfectly is DOMAI. Try'em and see.

Try our Nude Photography category for more Erotic Photography including an erotic picture of the day.

Erotic Services

Custom Erotica Source - Get an illustrated erotic story written to your specs.

For Writers of Erotica

Erotica Readers Association Author Resources

Wade Erotic provides distance learning erotic writing courses. This is serious stuff - "The Wade Erotic course has been created by the Wade College of Creative Writing. This university-accredited centre of learning was founded in 1946 and is based in London." Erotica comes of age. The website is nicely done, and explains the process and contains some good tips as well.

Odd Sex and Erotica Stuff That Didn't Fit Anywhere Else

Sex Blogs - Here are some sexy editions of the wacky web's latest craze, the web log, perfect for telling the world of your latest erotic moment or showing you of how real people look when they're making love.

Looking at Women's Orgasm Over the Last Thirty Years. Betty Dodson talks about sex.